Unity animations

Default pose / digging

The game is an hyper casual one about racing diggers, so digging dirt is the most common action. I added two idle animations: one with the digger blinking, that the player would see frequently and another one, less frequent, with the digger looking around at its “opponents” or its surroundings. These animations are here to add some life to the little robots.


Fever mode / fury

In most of hyper casual games, we have a fever mode, In this one, it gets triggered when the player hits some diamonds. The character then becomes excited, we can see some determination in its eyes. It gets so excited that its whole structure can’t keep up and gets almost destructured!


Winning / end game

There’s only one winner in a racing game, so the ending had to be rewarding. The character comes in front of the scene, and jumps franctically. Its eyes are changed to, borrrowing codes from japanimation bending its eyes.