Game Concepts

Some game concepts that have not been prototyped yet, such as tests and researches.

Freemium game concept

This is a runner game where the player has to use limited ink to add platforms on levels. The ink is used for multiple levels, so the player has a choice between using a lot of ink on one level, making it easier, but playing less levels in the end, and using less ink but taking more risks.

Food Invasion

Food Invasion was the game concept that took me to the ENJMIN, the national french school of video games, as a game designer.


Indians is a game concept about a young Indian coming to the adult life. As he goes through is initiation rite, he discovers the invasion of his country by the white people.


InSide follows the story of a middle aged man, who wakes up in a hospital after a car accident. In this survival horror, the player has to escape this hospital without losing his mind, and without any weapon.