Charivari de Chat-Malô was an educational game for kids from 4 to 7.

Empire of Sports

In the MMO Empire of Sports, the players could play any sport among 6, incorporate a sport team and participate to exciting challenges.

Waku Waku Blitz

Waku Waku Blitz! was a freemium Facebook game with a gameplay similar to that a whack-a-mole. A match-3 combo mode was added to get higher scores, and a market granted the players access to new features and customization.

I Love Your Game

I Love Your Game is a collection of Hidden Object games that the players could create themselves.


Battleship is a turn based strategy game for the Nintendo DS, 3DS and Wii, developped with Magic Pockets.

Jump Blast

JumpBlast is a mobile game in which the goal is to reach the exit in every level. The player touches the screen to create a blast and move the ball.

Night Maze

In Nightmaze, the player has limited time to draw a path to the exit in several mazes. The light goes off as the time goes by so the player has to go fast or to remember the right path.


M.A.Z.E. is a student project done within a team of 9 students for 5 months. Two players compete to build a labyrinth and make their heroes stronger.

Small Planets

Small Planets is a student project done within a team of 3 students for 3 months. 4 players fight to push the opponents out of the stage. They grow up or shrink as they take hits or collect energy balls.

Serious Games

Multiple Serious Games designs and answers to calls to tenders, based on known gameplay mechanics, such as card games, sims-like, adventure games and so on.