Some game concepts that have been pushed to the prototype level. They are lacking many features and graphics are only placeholders.


Adventures is a prototype to test a game with a top-down view for mobile devices.


More of an artistic experiment, Cubes shows some cubes falling one on top of the other, with sounds related to their colors, height and pan.


Pipes is a mix between Tetris and Pipemania. Initially designed for the web, it is under development to be adjusted for mobile devices.

Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball is designed for mobile devices. In this classic platform game, the player has to reach the exit within the limited time and avoid multiple obstacles.

Square Shooter

Square Shooter is an exercice to design any game with pentaminos but a tetris-like. In this shooter, the player can have 3 different shapes whilst the enemies will be represented by the remaining pentamino shapes.


Example of tools I have built in AS3 to help me design my games and work: a swf / image browser and a level editor fit for multiple kind of games.