Pepper / Nao applications

When working at Softbank Robotics, I was assigned multiple projects. I will adress a few:

  • If This Then That

This app allows the user to define triggers that will launch actions for Pepper. For instance “When it’s my birthday, sing me Happy Birthday”

  • Cocoro Gummies

The goal of this app was to get external and internal stimuli, and give it back to the users. For instance, Pepper would collect random words and tell them out loud. It was used to increase retention and curiosity.

  • Start/Stop interaction, recommended apps

This pure UX/UI subject was about entering in interaction with Pepper, how to handle multiple users, unknown users and display recommended items for instance.

Some other projects include

  • the evolution/customization of Pepper
  • an app store using natural UX (eg. not the tablet)
  • a game where a player hides virtual treasures and a second one uses Pepper to retrieve them
  • an app for Nao to help for the hiring process